Memorial Wall

The Rivet Members are those people who have generously donated funds towards our projects. The generous support they give is greatly appreciated and will forever be remembered here upon our web-site and in the future on a plaque in our museum. Those who donated, or those names in which donations were made shall be remembered.
Again, thank you for your support.


Jack Reid VP44

John William Mc Partland


Rudolph Perisich

James Foster Scott, Amm1/C

Russel H. Valley

CDR, Leonard H. "Snuffy" Wagoner, USN

Lt.(JG) Richard G. Watson, Jr.






CDR David A. Black, USNR

Paul J. Geiger

Richard C. Henneman, USN, VB136

Byron C. Kern

Lt. Roy John Krogh VP101

Daniel P. Leone

Richard Maass

David Orwig

Mark R. Roberts


Annual Individual Donation: $250

Flight Engineer: $300 - $1.000

Individual Donations:

Bronze: $500

Silver: $2,000

Golden: $2,500
Platinum: $5,000




Corporate Donations:

Bronze: $2,000

Silver: $5,000

Golden: $10,000

Platinum: $20,000


Aircraft Purchase Fund:
Spirit of the Catalina

(Donors will have names engraved
on plaque inside aircraft)

Individual: $25,000
Group or Squadron: $50,000
Corporation: $100,000


US Army, 1st Lt. William H Boehmler 
VP44 PBY Catalina Memorial Flat

Glenn L. Allen, Jr.

Arthur Arsenault

Herbert E. Bailey

Loyd H. Carter, VP71

Albert Chafetz

Stewart Clark

Harold Cohen

Art Del Rey

Thomas Doran ADC CAC VJ2

Robert N. Dunham

Donald Dvorak

Eugene M. Fischer

Lt. Frank M. Fisler VP51 KIA

Leon H. Freeman, VP14

Robert A. Glamm

William F. Goodwin, Jr.

William C. Greene

Willis C. Grizzell, VP72

Ernest C. Haas, ODIN

James D. Hainlen, VP14

James E. Harelson, USAAC, 5th

Vane Harrison

Louis G. Hofmann, VP44

Capt. Marlene Huss

Capt. William Huss

Alexander C. Jocius, VP44

William S. Kelly

Aileen H. Lambing

Donald B. Long

Bidesh Mangre

James F. McKeon

David G. McLaren

Capt. Richard B. McNees, USN (ret)

Phillip D. Meier

Ivan F. Mills

Bert R. Morgan, VPB73

Lt. Cmdr. Norman E. Pedersen

Jack T. Rogers

Winston Tex Robertson

Cdr. William F. Mc Sharry, VP63


Lloyd Simmons

William H. Smith

William A. Smith

Leland L. Spargo

Rear. Admial B.S. Sparks, USCG

David G. Stegner, VPB44

Allen J. (Tommy) Thompson

Philip R. Wigg

Ralph L. Zielinski

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Military Records Research

Over the years, we have had many requests for information about family members who were part of a PBY squadron. This search can be challenging for family members. Of course, the Foundation will do what it can to help. We have put together a list of government sources that can assist the inquiry of a researcher.

To begin the search, the family must look into their own family records. Look for flight logs, discharge papers, DD 214, journals, letters, or other government documents that may have ID information like a military serial number or social security number. You will also have to produce a death certification if the PBY family member is deceased and a signature of the next of kin. This can be challenging but it is doable.

Here are some contacts that may be helpful:

  1. National Personnel Records Center, Military Personnel Records, Rm 3315, 9700 Page Ave., St Louis, MO 63132-5100

  2. Navy Historical Center, Ship History Division, C/O Operational Archives, Bldg. 57 Washington Ship Yard, Washington, DC 20374-0571

  3. Chief of Naval Operations, (N09B33), 2000 Navy Pentagon, Washington, DC 20350-2000

These contacts will cover Navy, Army, Army Air Corps, Coast Guard, and Marines.

When you write, please give them as much information as you can so they can narrow the search. This can save time. Also ask for other contacts that may be helpful in your search.

We hope you will share the information you gather with the Foundation so we may develop and expand our history data base. If you run into problems, please contact us.

Good luck.